Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Testimony

Two weeks ago, Arm and Tukata were the first Thai couple in our church to be married. There were many miracles leading up to their wedding. Most remarkable was the salvation of Tukata’s father, who has rejected the gospel for the past three years.

Eight months ago, we shared the gospel with him and he insisted, “No, I don’t need God, I only trust in myself.”

We asked him, “But, can you control your own breath? Can you make your own heart beat?”

He stuck out his chest and said, “Of course I can,” breathing in and out… “I control it all. See, I don’t need God.”

A few months before the wedding, Tukata’s father cracked a rib in a minor accident. A few weeks later, he was lying in a coma in an intensive care unit with a punctured lung and an infection spreading throughout his body. He was unable to breathe on his own.

Arm and Tukata went to the hospital every weekend to read the Bible to him and pray for him. They would hold his hand and encourage him to put his faith in Christ. After a few weeks, he regained consciousness and Arm told him to squeeze his hand if he had put his faith in Christ. Tukata’s father squeezed Arm’s hand hard.

A week after that, he spoke for the first time. His first words were, “I can’t thank God enough that He healed me.” And every sentence after that started with “My God, my (personal) God….”

On Tukata’s wedding day, he had enough strength to walk her down the aisle.